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Derycool Air Conditioning & AC Repair

AC Repair

Ac repiar and maintenance can lower your electric bill while providing plenty of cool air. If you notice your ac seems to run longer or doesn't seem to be cool you home as better, an ac repair may solve the problem. A proprely maintained ac will run less, using less energy every month. One thing you can do to eliminate many unneeded ac repairs is to change filters when needed. In peak season, not changing the filters can create severe damage which a basic ac repair can not fix. Major ac repair may occur if you run the unit without the filter causing your air handler to have problems. AC repair can also be reduced if you keep the condensation drain clean. A clogged drain will create water to back up and possibly leak over the drain pan. Make sure there aren't any blockages or leakage in the line.

Just these minor ac repairs can keep your ac running smooth and extend the life of your air conditioning unit. To perform this simple repair, unfasten the pvc line by the unit. You may use a "shop vac" fastened to the end of the pvc and set on blow and try to blow out any clogs. Thisac repair will help push out anything that might be clogging the line.

You'll know when this simple ac repair is successful when you notice water steadily dripping out the end of the drain line outside. Another ac repair you may do yourself is to keep the drain pan clear of algae by adding small amount of bleach in the pan every month.

Make sure all weeds and debris is cleared around the exterior condenser unit as this may cause major damage and expensive ac repair. It might be a good idea to get an ac repair plan from a local ac repair company, who will provide maintenance and ac repair when needed. When you come down to it, doing a minor ac repair, like stated above can make your ac last longer and run better, not to mention save you over the long run in preventing major ac repair bills. So the next time you think "ac repair", think Derycool, were her to assist you in taking care of all your ac repair needs.!

Derycool Air Conditioning & AC Repair

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is described as the "removal of heat from indoor air for thermal comfort". The air conditioning unit modifies the condition of air in your home by removing hot air and recirculating it with cooled air. Air conditioning also reduces humidity in the air. "Central" air conditioning also provides forced air heat for winter along with cool air in the summer. Most central air conditioning units use a compressor powered by an electric motor and electric fans to circulate the air.

The absorbed heat causes evaporation and condensation when it's released the air conditioning compressor causes pressure changes between two compartments by pumping an air conditioning refrigerant like "Freon" around. "Freon" is a haloalkane refrigerant manufactured by many companies for use in air conditioning cooling. The Freon is pumped into the evaporator coil, where the refrigerant evaporates into a vapor, taking heat with it.

The air conditioning condenser condenses the refrigerant into a liquid, rejecting the heat previously absorbed. With the air conditioning condenser located inside and the air conditioning evaporator located outside, all that needs to be done for heat is to run the Freon in the opposite direction, thus releasing the collect heat inside the home. This air conditioning term is called a "heat pump". To return to a normal air conditioning system the refrigerant just need to be running in the proper direction to release the heat outside.

Engineers usually consider that Air-conditioning is used in two air-conditioning applications: comfort applications air condition and process applications air conditioning. "Comfort applications" air conditioning provides a buildings with a "relatively constant indoor environment" that's not affected form external weather conditions or in internal heat loads. Air conditioning makes building in which the length is greater than the height, like factories and hospitals feasible by using comfort applications.

Air conditioning also allows buildings to be taller and still maintain the air conditioning effectiveness. The proper air conditioning used in Comfort applications varies in 5 basic air conditioning categories. These range from a low rise (single family homes) to enormous sports stadiums. Air conditioning is also used can in many types of transportation vehicles from cars to spacecraft. Air conditioning "Process applications" provide a suitable environment for the "process' to be carried out, regardless of internal heat and humidity loads and external weather conditions.

The process needs determine the desired conditions. Industrial environments, Nuclear power facilities and data centers are just a few places where this air conditioning "process" is used. In both air conditioning applications, the objective may be control temperature, humidity, air quality, and air movement from space to space. We can't work on the space shuttle but we are experts at residential and small business air conditioning. For over 30 years, DeryCool specialized in comfort applications for your home or business.

Lantana Air Conditioning & AC Repair has been a recognized name in air conditioning and AC repair for over 20 years. Derycool Air Conditioning & AC Repair installs and services all major brands and models of air conditioning. Derycool Air Conditioning & AC Repair offer ac repairs and new units for mobile home parks as well as residential homes. We also provide low cost, yearly service plans to keep your ac running its best. Derycool Air Conditioning & AC Repair helps your air conditioning tuned up and running smooth. Regular ac repair can help your ac unit last longer. The next time you think "AC repair" or "New air conditioning", think "Derycool Air Conditioning & AC Repair ".

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